Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Cheers for Beer.. and Beer Ads!

Television ads for beer are typically some of the most memorable. They're entertaining, comical, and usually provide a little something for everyone:
  • Corona has some great ads with beautiful beaches and a somewhat subdued yet very obvious sense of humor. I love this ad featuring two women enjoying a day at the beach and once they get a bucket of Coronas they have even more appeal. Very clever.
  • If you're calorie-conscious and have a good sense of humor, MGD 64 provides a light beer option with a commercial featuring a man doing squats to burn off his calories from not drinking MGD 64. Always a good choice.
  • If you're into sports, Coors Light has been running a line of commercials that feature famous sports faces like Mike Ditka and Bill Parcells in press conference settings where Coors cleverly spoofs on their responses. This is my favorite one with Jim Mora. 

All of these funny commercials really have me thinking, where can I go around here to get a quality beer at a place with a fun atmosphere and great food? Well, I have the perfect answer thanks to some of my fellow classmates. Their blog is called CHEERS!! and their most recent post was the best recommendation ever. A local brewery spot, The Harmon, is a great place to get a meal or appetizer with delicious brews they make in-house.

It's interesting to be able to draw comparisons between places you've actually been and commercials you see on TV. The atmosphere of the Harmon exhibits the same fun vibe that you get from Coors commercials. Coors isn't my favorite beer in particular but the good-humored nature of their commercials I find really appealing and I'm sure other viewers of these commercials feel the same way.  Very effective ad campaigns I'd say.



  1. Nice review of commercials and reference to the other class blog CHEERS!

  2. Thanks Sven! I figured this was the perfect opportunity to marry the hilarity of beer commercials with the entertainment value of my classmates' blog!