Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Think Twice Before Muting ALL Commercials...

OOOPS!....we forgot to introduce ourselves in our first blog post!! Our names are Michelle, Chad and Sara.

What are your favorite TV commercials? Do you prefer funny commercials over emotional ones? Do you find some commercials unethical or inappropriate? Do you find yourself muting certain ones? The purpose of our blog is to take all of this into consideration and give our input and thoughts on these topics.

We will be sharing commercials that are:
  • New
  • Funny
  • Enjoyable
  • Controversial
  • Unethical
  • Emotional
Have you ever heard that guys watch the Super Bowl for the game and girls watch for the commercials? We don't know how true that is, but here are three of our favorite commercials that were played during the 2011 Super Bowl....

Faith Hill's Teleflora Commercial:

Even though we would probably never use Teleflora to send flowers to a loved one, we found this commercial entertaining because we all know a guy that would say "You have a nice rack" on Valentine's Day and think that was romantic.

Bud Light Dog Party Commercial:

We love dogs!!! Which made it easy to love this video and find it cute!

Kim Kardashian's Sketchers Commercial:

Let's be real, Chad brought this commercial to our attention for obvious reasons...but why lie, a commercial with Kim Kardashian in it has to be entertaining. We found it funny to think about all the people who went out and bought these shoes after they saw this commercial because they thought it would make them look like Kim.

We hope you found these commercials entertaining and that we've got you excited for what's to come from our blog!!

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials???


  1. You guys should do a history of best super bowl commercials.. I'll never forget about the bud light "magical fridge" commercial a couple days ago!!

  2. Can't blame Chad for posting the Kim Kardashian commercial. Sketchers did well with that ad. Her outfit is perfect Id say..

  3. Bret, Scott and Vic--Thanks for the great idea!! Be sure to follow our blog, there might be a post here pretty soon inspired by you guys! But don't worry, we'll be sure to give you guys the credit for the idea! :)

    Rob--Thanks for your comment, and more importantly following our blog!

  4. The Teleflora ad was my favorite from this Super Bowl so I'm glad you included it. I thought it was great because it has the foxy and sweet Faith Hill encouraging this inarticulate guy to go deep, only to have him write "your rack is unreal." Best part for me was at the end "...so you sent that"/"my heart told me to."

  5. Foxy and sweet? Haha, well said. But yes, the teleflora ad was the classic, stereotypical male idea of a romantic and clever valentine's day greeting card. The ad definitely made guys laugh and girls say "I've heard that one before."