Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burger King Innovations Lead The Field?

Standing in the shadow of fast food giant McDonald's, Burger King is emerging as a leading innovator in the marketing game throughout the fast food industry. Burger King has found a way to come up with new, fresh ideas to generate a buzz about its products. Ranging from featured videos games and television commercials to Burger King Flame- the companies meat scented body spray, Burger king has found an alternative to boring sky high billboards of the past.

Recently in class, we discussed the use of interactive banner ads. Burger King has utilized this growing trend to grow its brand and separate themselves from the competition. And Burger King has made its website an interaction opportunity in itself. Toggling Fun, Food, and King meters create different interactive options customized to what each viewer wants to see.

McDonald's Ronald McDonald is as recognizable of a mascot as any in the world. It is hard to argue that BK's 'King' is on the same stage as Ronald. In the past few years, BK has made it a priority to develop the King- and it appears the strategy is working. Beginning in 2005, BK began to incorporate the King into NFL plays in order to create a commercial campaign that is memorable six-plus years later. Below are a few commercials coming from the 2005 campaign.


These commercials created quite a buzz for the organization and launched the companies push for marketing dominance. BK has blown competitors out of the water of late and they have been able to do it through innovative ideas and practices.

What do you think about Burger King's push for promotional dominance?

What are some of your favorite BK features the company has introduced to the market of late?



  1. It's kinda fun when playing BK's ad. I usually do like to see and watch new things and ideas. BF has launched many cool ads such as the one that audiences need to have $1 bill and webcam to be used to get a coupon. Also, I keep waiting to see new ads idea that BF will launch soon.

  2. Burger King has definitely been a leading innovator amongst its competitors. BK has found a way to build on mainstream ads such as TV commercials and street billboards to create a diverse, creative, and interactive marketing strategy.

  3. BK's ads are more edgy than McDonald's ad campaigns. You can tell by their ads that they try to reach a different target market. While some of the ads are quite humorous, other ads are pushing more the boundaries, and as a result BK had to pull those ads. Of course, they gained (negative) publicity in the meantime.

  4. That is a great point. BK seems to be targeting a younger demographic as opposed to McDonald's who tries to center their campaigns to a larger, general audience everyone can relate too.

    And yes, BK has gained some negative publicity for its ads, but some people say negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.