Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Evolution of YouTube

An interesting blog post caught my attention while bringing up a interesting topic...The evolution of YouTube has been very interesting over the years. When I first remember hearing and beginning to use YouTube, I remember it as a way to watch funny homemade videos. Today YouTube is used to watch music videos, 'how-to' videos/lessons, business advertising, commercials and more.

The blog that brought this to my attention and made me begin to think more about this evolution was:

This post by David Edwards, brought up a great point about commercials. YouTube not only is where my group and I have watched and retrieved all the commercials we've blogged on, but where most users can and do review commercials after seeing them on TV or hearing about them through the grapevine.

YouTube has benefited most companies by allowing their videos or commercials to be seen through this website. This has become a popular form of marketing and way of reaching viewers and consumers. This is an interesting video about what YouTube has turned into through this tech savvy generation we live in today:

Personally YouTube has become part of my daily life, along with my cell phone, Facebook, email, and Google. Websites like YouTube have allowed people to view almost any video posted or shared to the public. I found this an interesting topic to think about while reading Edwards post about the "hidden potential" smaller sites are serving businesses with.


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  1. Do you know who is behind the YouTube Creator Institute? Is it YouTube or is it an academic institution teaching video production on YouTube?