Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Boys Of Summer Are Back... And So Is Their New Ad Campaign

While looking for inspiration for my next posting, I stumbled onto the Dream Team Analytics page. Their most recent post looks at favorite sports advertisements in our country. Whether it is advertising pro or college teams, or individual athletes, sports is a major means of advertising in the United States. Their blog looks at the influence and messages provided by sports starts ranging from up and coming superstar Derrick Rose, to the legendary Muhammad Ali.

To visit the Dream Team Analytics page and read on the national advertising sports scene, click here

Their posting looking at the national stage of sports marketing got me thinking about how our local sports teams market and advertise. The Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, and the University of Washington provide the foundation of sports markets in the Seattle area.

But perhaps no team in the Seattle sports market advertises as well as the Seattle Mariners. Every year, the team comes out with a new set of TV ads that not only is anticipated by the local fans, but is also regarded as one of the best sports advertising campaigns nationwide.

With the team now in Peoria, Arizona for spring training, the 2011 season is less than a month away. And with the new season, comes new commercials. Witty, creative, memorable, and original commercials that give TV viewers something to laugh about while the on-field product loses 101 games a season.

That got me thinking about the all-time great Seattle Mariner commercials that have been produced in recent memory.

So lets get to it. Here it is. Some of the best (meaning my favorite) TV commercials the Mariners have put out over the years...

Perhaps one of the biggest busts in Seattle sports history, Richie Sexson was absolutely awful for the M's. This next clip is probably his best contribution through three and a half years with the team. 

 Our final clip is one that captures the young arm of Jamie Moyer- who was born in 1962.

These four commercials are a glimpse into the many that the Mariners put out year after year. Instead of focusing on the on-field and cliche pump up/get inspired sports ad's, the M's marketing team took a different view. An alternative view. A strategy that gets nationwide attention and leaves fans wanting more. Imagine that. A TV commercial people want to see. Maybe the Mariners ARE doing something right.

With about a month until the regular season begins, the 2011 TV campaign should be on its way. More laughs, more personality, and more memorable 30-second clips to provide a brief lapse of entertainment while the team on the field provides headaches and a high draft pick for 2012.

What do you think of the Seattle Mariners advertising campaign? How do their commercials compare with others in the Seattle sports scene?





  1. Great videos. So since I'm not really a Baseball fan I also do not typically pay attention to their ads. I would be curious how other teams advertise. Are their campaigns less effective? Where do you see the difference?

  2. The Mariners have been able to do a good job of separating themselves from the competition when it comes to television advertising. Many sports franchises focus their campaigns around winning and making inspiring commercials to create excitement among fans. The M's have taken a different route and have made their players personable. By showing the lighter side of the organization, fans may be able to connect easier with the team.

    Are far as effectiveness goes it is hard to tell if the Mariners tactics are more or less effective. One thing we found is that these commercials are memorable, and that may be one of the hardest aspects to achieve while making a commercial.

  3. "Perhaps one of the biggest busts in Seattle sports history, Richie Sexson was absolutely awful for the M's. This next clip is probably his best contribution through three and a half years with the team." Hilarious, and true. Nice work Chad.