Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Television Ads Play An Important Role As Presidential Campaigns Begin For 2012

With 19 months until the 2012 presidential election in our country, the first TV advertisements are beginning to pop up across the nation. Although these preliminary ads are used to build a foundation for upcoming media campaigns, the style of political campaigns are unique in form and style.

Current President Barack Obama's campaign team has begun its campaign for his potential 2012 re-election. With the election a year and a half away, Obama's team has started with a preliminary ad to get its campaign rolling. Obama's first ad is quite interesting. The president barely appears in it, it shows little of what he has done thus far, and little about what his future plans are. Released by Obama for America 2012, here is Obama's first ad for 2012.
This type of ad is one of many different advertising styles that have come into the political realm. On the other hand, slander ads seem to be most predominate right around election time. These ads are used to degrade and shed light on actions rival candidates are weary of. They are used to make candidates look bad instead of build their own candidates reputation.

Last week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a video on You tube for Obama's 2012 campaign. Obviously, the Republicans are not promoting for's the clip.



  1. How do you evaluate those two different ads? Do you think they are successful within the context of their target audience?

  2. I think the official Obama ad is somewhat less successful than the NRSC ad. The official ad put out by Obama's campaign is very general and in my opinion does not showcase our current president and his run for re-election. The ad seems more general about the upcoming 2012 election.

    I think the NRSC's ad is more effective while it portrays Obama in a negative light. Even though some people may claim the ad is unethical, it does send a powerful message.