Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Research Shows TV Commerical Spending Falling Behind

Television is outdated.

Although this claim is not completely true, one can argue that the television industry and television programming is beginning to fall behind when compared to alternative media outlets. In today's society, anyone can get any information they need from a mobile device or tablet PC. Whether it is news, sports, weather, or entertainment, the sources to view media in the world are changing and television may be on its way out. Advertisers have taken notice. 

Today, Cynthia Boris, a writer on Marketing Pilgrim, blogged an article titled Online Video Ads Expected To See Largest Increase In Spend. The article discusses the transition many firms are beginning to make from television advertising to online video marketing.

To read the full article on Marketing Pilgrim, click here

Boris brings up a number of good points in the article. Perhaps the best reason explaining why online video advertisements is becoming so popular is because of targeting. On the internet, marketing can slim down who see's their article to the very detail they desire. Targeting plays such a crucial role as marketers are looking to spend their dollars as savvy as possible.

Research has shown that advertisers are increasing their spending rate on online videos over any other media source. Television, which in the past has been one of the most popular forms of advertising, is falling behind the competition. Ad agencies across the country will be looking to increase spending on online video, mobile video, social media, display ads, and search advertising over TV ads.

Society has developed into a mobile world. A world where you do not need to sit in front of a television to learn new information. Ad agencies have picked up on this and have now begun shifting spending budgets to more mobile and closely targeted mediums.

What changes do you think we will see as mobile media becomes more common in the United States?

How will mobile devices and tablet PC's shape to role of television in our society?


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