Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Evolution of Social Media - What's Next?

After reading a blog on The Social Media Marketing Blog entitled A Brief History of Social Technology, my head is spinning. It's crazy to think that a mere 123 years ago was when the first radio waves were generated and within six years of that the first semblances of long-distance communications in the form of telegraph signals occured. Obviously that's way beyond the expanse of my lifetime, but look how far we've come from there.. Hard to believe actually.

For a long time even, phones, emails, and any technological communications were tied to home and stationary settings, but with current technology capabilities the sky isn't even the limit anymore. Plane, train, and walking down the street are all perfectly reasonable places to tweet, post a status update on Facebook, and post a Youtube video.

This blog post discusses how, interestingly enough, these same media outlets were once looked on as "a playground for younger generations" by most businesses, but this has obviously taken a 360 turn. Now, many businesses conduct their entire PR plan via social media sites and networking online.

So what does this mean for the future??

The latest idea - brainwave to iPhone interface. Devices that have the power to interpret brainwave activity and shape social media experiences accordingly.

Now that's a little scary. And my head is still spinning.


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